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Poetry DNA Radio Show #7 is on the airwaves — Creeley, Grand Daddy I.U., and more 9/1/21

Poetry DNA Radio Show #6 is online — Herrera, Smith, Faithful, Ferlinghetti, Sons of Kemet 8/1/21

Poetry DNA Radio Show #5 streaming now — Moderate Rebels, Sexton, Rem, and more 7/1/21

Poetry DNA Radio Show #4 ready for your listen — Paul Simon, X, Aaron Price, and more. 6/1/21

Poetry DNA Radio Show #3 online now — tracks by Dylan, Sandburg, Plath, and more. 5/1/21

Poetry DNA Radio Show #2 is now available. Tracks by Sekou Sundiata, Ani DiFranco, and more. 4/1/21

Poetry DNA is now on Mixcloud. Take a listen to the pilot show. 3/1/21

Cultural newsweekly Posavska Hrvatska covers the INTIMACY/Poetry DNA venture here. 12/19/19

Večernji list in Zagreb, Croatia writes about the Poetry DNA experiment with Goran Rem and Paula Rem here. 4/5/19

Glas Slovenije in Osijek, Croatia explores the Poetry DNA collaboration with Goran Rem and Paula Rem here. 3/23/19

Mountain Xpress arts editor Alli Marshall gives a sympathetic ear to the Poetry DNA experiment here. 2/15/19