Pull Chain

Poetry DNA version:

Original vocal:

This bit of experimental whimsy owes a debt to the psychologists and philosophers who observe how our senses, such as sight, extend us beyond our physical selves and allow us to apprehend the world and beyond. Do robots have similar thoughts and anxieties? (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?)

The vocal line is DNA-synthesized in a Laurie Anderson kind of style.

Pull Chain

If I took the orange sliver

crescent of a moon at its word

and stretched my arm to place

my hand in its curve as if to

pull some cosmic chain, where

would I put my 238,855-miles-long*

arm afterwards? Would I unintentionally

bump into airplanes and electrical

lines? And what pocket could

hold my transformed hand when

I wanted to nervously hide it

away? And what world could

bear the light that this

moon pull-chain might

switch on?

What world

could bear it?

–Jr. James


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