Dinosaur, Colorado

Another news poem, inspired by this article about a North Carolina congressman who apparently believes dinosaurs walked contemporaneously with the residents of Jericho and Catal Huyuk. Pure poetry.

Jr. James

 october, USA
 soccer ball pumpkins
 grow in neighbors’ gardens
 dayglo lizards grab Carolina bricks
 alligators move in to Tennessee
 going where the weather suits their clothes
 evangelical homeschooled paleontologists
 find the youngest dinosaur bones in creation
 not in James Michener’s Colorado, or Darwin’s
 but in Mark Meadows’s fantasy creation museum Colorado
 a miracle forest 
 near a rosy garden an even younger dinosaur, a live one, 
 plods and preys
 Tyrant-o-saurus Rex, the Fake President King
 Happy Halloween 

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