Charles d’ Orléans’ Rondel

Martin Geeson’s wonderfully musical reading of this 15th century poem–the first Valentine poem?– lent itself to a whimsical mix. A poem for any day, even those that are not Valentine’s.

Rondel: A ce jour de saint Valentin (Middle French) by Charles d’ Orléans; read by Martin Geeson, mix by poetrydnapoet

From the LibriVox Multilingual Poetry Collection 020

Text from Poésies de Charles d’Orléans

A ce jour de saint Valentin,
Que chascun doit choisir son per,
Amours, demourray je non per?
Sans partir à vostre butin.
A mon resveillier au matin,
Je n'y ai cessé de penser,
A ce jour, etc.
Que chascun, etc.

Mais Nonchaloir, mon medicin,
M'est venu le pousse taster,
Qui ma conseillié reposer,
Et rendormir sur mon coussin.
A ce jour, etc.

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