The Long and Short Of It

. . . or the Short and Long Of It. Or the Short Short / Long Long . . . well, anyway, here’s an experiment exploring different types of metrical feet, if those metrical types are rendered in a digital music setting.

Consider them poetic forms in search of a poem.

The method: Apply certain digital effects and features, such as Ableton Live’s “Follow Action” command, to the Grand Piano instrument, which triggers a one-note, one-measure loop played in the rhythm of a certain metrical unit (such as dactyl or iamb). Then add a Chord effect linked to an LFO effect to randomize and harmonize the initial single notes into a three note chord sequence–and adding a jazz drum loop from Sample Science’s great 1940s Swing Jazz Drums sample pack.

Confusing? It’s probably easier to just take a listen look:

Random poetic meter composition using Ableton Live’s digital effects

What do you think? Is the future of poetry (and jazz) machine generated? Is the future an abomination? A flower? A crocodile?


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